Nicole L. Browner is a fourth year people person and expert in minorities and their endless plight to become equal to the white man, unsuspecting that the white man is trying to become god. She is the Arts Director for the aggie, but is best known for her escapades through the catacombs of the Davis social scene as, "Yeah I know that band". She rules 2/3 of davis already, and is stoked to crush all other opinions with her non-bias, all balls column that will rock you in the beginning of the year.

Right now she rides a blue Bianchi named Gwenevere. This may be exchanged for a leaf blower, named "motorhead"

Typical places to find NLB (National League Baseball) are Mishka's, the so-called but greatly feared "Balcony B" during Sophia's shows, Delta of Venus, and in the basement of Freeborn Hall. This is either at the Aggie or at KDVS doing her show Bro Up or Don't Sho' Up under the DJ name and superhero persona Woman King with her co-host xWigglyToughx.