Name: Nikhil Joshi

Personality: Wicked

Play Scrabble at Picnic in the Park and Crepeville with The Unofficial Davis Scrabble Club!!!

Listen to my show, Duniya Dur Darshan, on KDRT!

Or how about salsa dancing in Sacramento, or at The Grad... :)

Weffies rule!

Check out the best science museum for kids in Davis, Explorit!

Volunteer for or Donate to the Central Park Gardens renovation project!

Exclaim exclamatory exclamations with exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2007-01-02 14:22:20   I remember when they just started salsa dancing at the grad, they almost stopped it cause people didn't show... I think country dancing almost encountered the same problem... You have a decent timeslot @ KDRT, I used to have a 2 hr show right before democracy now —StevenDaubert