Woodland Community College Faculty Spotlight


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~ Noel is cool. You should fear her. -Janelle

Well, grammar is scary. -Noel

~ This reminds me...Neil and I were on a college speach team. Our college mascot was was the Cougar, so when the had T-shirts made, they used the cougar theme on the shirt. It wasn't until the shirts were back from the printer that they noticed the horrible mistake on the shirts. "UMM Speech: our GRRRR is worse than our Grammer. Apparently worse than our spelling too. -Janelle

2010-07-22 13:31:36   Bruening? any relation to George? —StevenDaubert

2010-07-22 22:04:52   Ah, my father has worked with him for some time —StevenDaubert

2010-07-22 22:05:45   3 degrees of DavisStevenDaubert

2010-09-30 16:09:07   There are motion-sensing compressed air spray cans that you can set out. When a critter (or person) walks by, they'll just let out a brief jet of air with a decently loud hissing noise. I've seen them used repeatedly for neighborhood cats that like to spray in people's yards, but they might work well with the squirrels. That said, when squirrels get really determined, they're incredibly hard to foil. —TomGarberson