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Interesting Tidbits

  • Currently post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (IDAV, formerly CIPIC) located in beautiful Academic Surge.
  • Has been in Davis since April 1998, first as visiting scholar, then as PhD student, boosting the concentration of late-night grad students in Academic Surge.
  • Is of the opininion that the second-floor east-end men's bathroom there is one of the cleanest ones on campus, but won't add it to the list (see "Cleanest Bathrooms") to keep it a secret.
  • Likes to refer to the MU as "marvellous union," and is a regular customer of the "goop counter." Yum, chicken tetrazzini!
  • Likes to dazzle register operators by giving weird change (such as $3.12 when the amount is $2.87 - do the math).
  • Loves to teach weeder classes such as ECS 120. Mwahahaha!
  • Never updates his personal website or Wiki page.
    • Well, duh, I am now! Just keep complaining, and I'll do stuff. At some point. - Oliver Kreylos
  • Secret mission: Go to every Davis Wiki page Eric Klein ever edited, and edit his edits - just to piss him off.
  • Loves Analucia Cordova very much.
  • I must be procrastinating, because I'm actually changing my Wiki page! (12/06/2005)
  • I just learned from the Computer Science Wiki page that I allegedly worked my students to death during my ECS 175 class in Spring 2005. I don't know whether to be proud of this. At least almost everybody did really well, and many of the final projects were truly stunning. And several of the best students are now doing research at IDAV, so the comment about ECS 175 being a recruiting class is definitely spot-on. To elaborate a bit, and spill a not-so-secret secret, I recommend taking the class early. We prefer to hire people who won't graduate in a few weeks. And it takes normally at least a quarter in ramp-up time before a new student can do productive research.
  • I've recently spent all my time getting the "holodeck" in the Physics and Geology building up and running. I'll put together a detailed Wiki page on that later. Promise. Here's a teaser picture for the time being:

  • Oh, and since the chances of me actually updating this in the near future are almost nil: Here is my Research & Development page. Chances of that being up-to-date are much higher.


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2004-12-15 12:21:40   Hello Oliver. I don't know if you remeber me but I came to see the amazing 3d visualization software you work on with my research advisor, Dr. Guo. It's good to see you on the wiki. How are things going? - DanMasiel

2005-02-15 23:32:48   I <3 the odd change thing. Unfortunately, some cashiers get horribly confused and it takes even longer. —MarieHuynh

2005-02-15 23:34:13   Oh, and I've heard about the horrors of 120 and have been advised to never take it unless absolutely necessary. What else do you teach? —MarieHuynh

2005-02-16 00:01:44   I want to be oliver kreylos when I grow up —TravisGrathwell

2005-02-16 11:06:20   If you're going to take ECS120, Oliver is a great guy to take it from. He taught it the best out of the three times I've seen it done (one as a student, twice as TA). —JevanGray

2005-02-16 16:07:32   I'd like to take this moment to clarify, however, that no one in the world would consider 120 a "weeder class". —TravisGrathwell

2005-12-06 18:30:63   I seem to have a fan! Yay! —OliverKreylos

2006-01-07 00:08:21   Hi Oliver! —IrinaChakraborty