I'm a Graphics Communication major at Sacramento City College, with editing and writing experience. In July 2008 I moved from my home town of San Francisco to Sacramento, where I lived for several years a while back. It has changed a little.


2011-09-22 13:26:47   Welcome to the Wiki, Pat! —PeterBoulay

2011-10-10 11:36:03   Pat, I restructured Job Resources some - I don't think people probably care very much where the job resources come from, so I got rid of the Federal/State/etc. divisions. Ultimately we should have a dedicated EDD page, by the way. —NicholasBarry

2011-10-20 10:52:44   Thanks, Nick, can I remove this item from the Sacwiki To Do list? (I actually had plans to do more to this page, but you beat me to it!) —PatSoberanis

2011-11-03 12:27:25   Pat-just a FYI. On pages where the address is Sacramento you don't need to include Sacramento in the address macro-it is assumed. Example: Area 4 Agency on Aging. I took the unnecessary info out for you. Thabks for the hard work! —PeterBoulay

2011-11-14 10:10:32   Hey, Pat, I commented on your discussion on Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services - Youth/Talk. —NicholasBarry