Patrick Foley ([email protected] 530 753-6147) is a teacher at CSUS in the general areas of ecology, evolution, entomology, botany and statistics. He has taught over 30 different courses at CSUS and several at UCDavis. He researches population dynamics and extinction in local and metapopulations. He also does epidemiology especially of ectoparasite-borne disease. He has worked on Californian and Romanian fleas and on plague persistence theory. He also has ongoing research on native bee communities in California, especially up the American River and Cosumnes River watersheds. California has over 1500 species of native bees. It is hard not to wonder why. He likes to backpack and does much of his bee research in the Sierra Nevada out of a backpack. Every year he tries to go a little lighter. His publications can be found on Researchgate.

Patrick is also a guitarist, vocalist, synth-abuser and songwriter and is one of the founders of the local band Xylocopa, along with Tobit Maytal, Colin Foley and Dave Dauphine. The effective membership in this band is always in flux. The band is usually in need of  keyboard players and female vocalists. Three dozen tracks (most of them original songs) can be found on Soundcloud under the name Xylocopa. You might also check out Veridies and Dave Dauphine on Soundcloud.

An original instrumental Over the Hills An original vocal Sleeping with the Dead An original jam Soraya's Dance A folk song Motherless Child Xylocopa has a web page at this site