Name - Patrick Lynch

e-mail - plynch (at) lib (dot) ucdavis (dot) edu

work - Shields Library

interests - computers, electronics, programming, skiing, biking, laughing, good music

Patrick Lynch recently moved to Davis from Indiana to flee all the horrible tornados. I did much research and it seems that as long as you vote correctly nothing bad ever happens to the residents of Davis.

I live in South Davis and have only been here a couple of months. I like what I see so far, although living in a such a small town is a big change. I have been frequenting the pool room at the G Street Pub quite often. If you see my riding my bike try not to run me over. I have taken a few trips to Lake Berryessa a couple times and it's awesome. Drop me a line if you want to join me some time.


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Hey Patrick, we talked briefly at G Street. If you're interested in coding, be sure to talk to Philip. - arlen