Hi, people. My name is Paul. I went to Davis for undergrad, majored in math. I enjoyed hanging out with my roommates Silviu and Raj. I like watching bad movies. The ones that are so bad that it makes you want to laugh at them.

Now I'm going to grad school at Stony Brook in New York, but it's not a fun place to be. It's not a college town, and I find it harder to socialize in New York than in California. I don't recommend Stony Brook to anyone, except that it's a good place for math. So I really miss UC Davis, that's why I'm trying to hang on to it through Davis Wiki.

I'm gonna try to do my part by contributing to the math section. Stony Brook is one of the top places for differential topology (and just topology in general), so I'll try to inject some of that vein into Davis Wiki. But there's more to my knowledge and to me besides math... Oh man, is there? Is that all there is to my personality? Just a bunch of equations... Help!!!

Trying to search myself for inner meaning and stability. I see math, I see bad movies, I see a lot of jokes. Sometimes funny, mostly lame. Copious weirdness. Vanity in an portion too large to be commensurate to my accomplishments. I see a picture of myself bludgeoning a horse to death with a blunt instrument, but the horse is already dead... I believe the term for this is "beating a dead horse"... I feel that my life is utterly meaningless, and therein lies its meaning.