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2009-10-29 22:02:06   Hey Paul. Glad to see that Alfie was found. I moved the entry to the found page. —robinlaughlin

2011-02-26 16:31:10   I think I know who that lost dog belongs to! I got an email through Nancy's obedience class Yahoo Group about a lost, brown colored miniature poodle that escaped the groomer's shop. I called them and left them the number that was left on the page for the poodle. Here's the email I got on Friday:

"Yesterday afternoon (in the midst of the downpoor), a female brown toy poodle escaped from the groomer's shop. She was last seen near the softball diamond at Fst and Covell and her home is out toward Patwin Rd., off Russell. Her name is Coco, she is very shy. We hope she is bedraggled and cold enough to seek humans for comfort. She is not wearing her collar. If you see or can get a hold of her, please call 530-712-6104 or 530-756-4400.

Thanks Tracey"

I called both numbers, left a message on the first with the wiki contact number, and talked to a person at the second number who will give that same number a call. I hope this is the same dog! —ChristyMarsden

2011-02-26 17:08:33   Fantastic! Whoo, wiki to the rescue! —ChristyMarsden