Due to ongoing intimidation and legal threats toward other contributors, Phil Allen has been banned from editing this wiki

Now engaging in email harassment, be warned... Phil has not gone away and as of this date (11/8/11) has still harassed his competitors, I received an e-mail again how he claims he has people spying and taping conversations at competitors' place of business. It may not mean that much to you guys, all of these people are my friends. I'm considering posting comments on COFP and they're not going to be very favorable, however they will be the truth, I'd like a quick input on banning both of their pages (Woodland/Davis). It's the right thing to do. It will end in court someday, but for now their business should not be rewarded for this ongoing behavior. —Theangrydiner

  • This has been discussed already, to death. First, the business isn't PA's, it's his wife's. Second, having a page for the business on the wiki is not a reward (or a punishment either). It is information for the people of Davis and Woodland. I've never heard of a page being "banned." —cp
  • AngryDiner—the Wiki shouldn't be used to air dirty laundry like that. Phil was banned for his actions ON THE WIKI—what you are referring to has nothing to do with the Wiki and is best taken up ONLY in court (or private mediator if he'd be willing). Please do it somewhere else...and I don't ever see the pages being banned.—PeterBoulay