Yeah, that's me. a while back. in theory, there are newer photos of me somewhere.

I am a full time bladesmith, possibly the only one in Davis.

I'm old for Davis. Actually, that is not true. I am old for my non-homeowner, really truly liberal, non SUV driving, non Volvo driving, independent segment of Davis. Seems like Davis is either all pre-28s or post 45s- or die soft yuppies.

I'm married to Jessica and we have two children- Leif and Astrid.

I am often known by several other names and will readily answer to shouted cries of "K", "koyote", and "Da".

I'm partial to:

  • hapkido
  • organic veggies
  • real Post-Scarcity Liberalism, the technological kind
  • cooking. Real cooking. I've been doing it creatively or professionally for 18 years (part time)
  • angband
  • home brewing
  • bladesmithing
  • lots of other stuff


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2005-04-19 22:24:56   smart move Christoff. Smart move. —RobRoy

  • It was unavoidably necessary once conceived of. —PopeChristof

2005-04-19 22:29:03   are you the "koyote" from live journal? Also: good job with the ice cream. —RevChad

  • Indeed. That's me all around. Lots of 'round'.

2005-08-12 02:34:10   Was there something you wanted me to get in Ireland? Oh yeah- that thing for Jessica. Let me know if there's anything else. =) —EllenSeeley

  • aha. There isn't, not really. Except an airplane ticket :)

2005-08-17 16:49:06   You're not KoyoteCA any more... —JeffreyNonken

  • Updatedededed. Koyoteote is me.

2005-09-22 13:10:03   "ever work with someone on building a boat? I have a desire, and plans, but no space to build —PopeChristof" Email me about what you have in mind. [email protected]PaulThober

2005-09-22 14:01:09   how do you pronounce Leif's name? My husband an I were just talking about how the name has 3 pronunciations: LEAF, LAFE, and LIFE. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2005-09-22 17:45:17   Layf or Leaf, or somewhere in between. there's this whole vowel shift thing to contend with too, which didn't even HAPPEN in all of the countries where Leif is a name, so it can vary. I call him Leifr (laeyfr) most of the time. —PopeChristof

2005-10-03 20:26:38   Once Leif gets to know you, you become a member of the highly exclusive Leif's Squeal Posse - he sees you and lets out this piercing, joyful "I KNOW YOU!" sort of squeal. —BlancheNonken

2005-10-04 01:10:50   i love being in the squeal posse —MichelleAccurso

2006-01-02 08:21:05   Haha, rock on with the angband! I hope you play pure ascii? —KenjiYamada

2006-01-02 20:37:13   ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!! —MatthewKeys

2006-06-15 09:35:49   La la la la la- Hi, Pope! Hi, Jessica! Hi, Leif! Nice seeing you the other day. —EllenSeeley

2006-06-22 00:32:58   Hey K! Hey Jess! Hey Leif! Come visit on t2 IRC sometime, long time no see. :) —ChrisLambertus

2006-08-20 12:16:04   What is angband, anyway? I'm intrigued. And how is the little Viking? —EllenSeeley

  • Leifr is GREAT. angband is the only computer game worth playing :) And you should stop by once we move in, or come have coffee or something. —Christof

2007-02-13 00:26:26   hey, contact me. i got a message for you from some guy about a .. calculator.. for real. i don't have any of your current contact info —ChrisLambertus

2007-11-30 13:20:15   Hey! Update this thing and put some pictures of knives up here! and some homebrew taste tests... —ChrisCongleton

2008-06-09 23:49:48   Hi Pope C, how might one score a cottage in Aggie Lane? I'm interested. And are there laundry hook-ups and dishwashers? —EliseKane

2008-06-28 11:43:03   Hey I was wondering if you still lived over at the cottages by Borders? I was looking for something ASAP to move my bike shop to. I thought one of these would be great, especially if I needed to take a nap in between builds.

Thanks - Aaron —Aaron.Curtin

  • Nope. These days he's behind the Korean church. —JeffreyNonken

2008-08-06 13:20:18   hey! I see that you live in one of the cottages at Aggie Village. Do you happen to know if any cottages are available? I'm in love with those cottages. —DavisGirl26

2011-02-09 15:32:29   Hi —StevenDaubert