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2010-03-03 06:36:48   Welcome to the Wiki. Thanks for adding the new photo, but why remove another editor's contribution? —JasonAller

2010-03-03 21:29:14   Thank you, Jason. I clearly was not minding my manners. Just to explain, though not excuse: After volunteering at the Arboretum for a little over a year doing database maintenance in Nursery Records, I offered to do something a little more in line with my work as a technical communicator. They said they'd like to have a more up-to-date and attractive presentation on the Davis Wiki. So I thoughtlessly replaced the picture as part of an editing exercise and a test. I'll study the guidelines for the wiki and any future work will be more in line with what's expected of contributors. My apologies. Prescott Williams —PrescottWilliams

2010-03-03 21:31:24   The arboretum is a ripe source of content for the wiki. Don't worry about it, the whole collaborative editing thing takes some getting used to. —JasonAller

2010-04-06 18:59:08   Hey, just so you know, ["Rabbits"] and ["rabbits"] will both point to the same entry, Rabbits. The links are not case sensitive, so it tends to be easier to edit them lower case rather than linking them like ["Rabbits" rabbits]. The goal of lowercasing them all is a great edit, just letting you know an easier way to do the same thing. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-04-17 01:54:40   Hey Prescott. The page looks better. Thanks for organizing the photos into sections. I kept telling myself I was gonna edit that page but it just had stuff all over the place. To be honest, I don't know a perfect page, but some of the campus pages where there are photos that go along with text in corresponding sections is good. I just think there might be too many pictures for each section on the arboretum page. There several of ducks which could be cropped down to one, and maybe the one of fish could be moved to the arboretum waterway page. I dunno. These are just some thoughts. Thanks again! —CarlosOverstreet