Garrett Food whore. Wanna know more?

I was an English Major with a minor is Social Ethnic Relations. Worked as an RA, an Aggie Columnist, and a few other things. I work in the Non-Profit sector with plans for grad school in the next year or so. I also work now part time as a staff writer for the magazine "Edible Sacramento." I live with my domestic partner Rob, and our two cats Mace and Cid in our shibby blue apartment.

I also write a food blog as you see above. I hope to maybe get paid for this shit one day, but it works as a hobby too. I lurvs me my food/eating/cooking, final fantasy, lit, and volleyball. Hit me up if you wanna chat about any of it, or go out and review a restaurant with me. Company always welcome. Peace.


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Hey there, welcome to the wiki! P.S. How awesome is Tres Hermanas?!?PhilipNeustrom

"Hi Garrett, I finally created a page here...nice to know I was the last one on Earth...or Davis. Love your blog!" —KristenMartin