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2010-08-02 13:02:16   Hi, and welcome to the wiki. I saw your edit on the Friendly Cab page. It sounds like your experience with them was pretty bad, and if things went as you say that they did, I don't blame you for being angry. However, the way you phrased your comment used some very insulting language and made it into a personal attack. So, as a fellow editor of the wiki, I deleted your comment. I encourage you to leave another comment on the page that is perhaps a bit more toned down. Just to be clear, it's fine to be critical, but please try to tone down your language, especially the personal attacks. —CovertProfessor

2010-08-09 10:08:19   Are you aware that it's possible to leave a negative review that doesn't make you sound just as bad as the company you're reviewing? Please consider editing under your real name and establishing a bit of identity. It will probably help you remember to be at least halfway civil. This isn't 4chan, it's the Davis Wiki. —TomGarberson

2010-08-09 11:36:58   Unless you've appeared on America's Most Wanted recently, I'm quite certain that you are in fact NOT Public Enemy Number One as they did not number the Enemies of the Public, outside of crime dramas. —MasonMurray

2010-12-20 17:55:45   It sounds like you're spitting mad and you haven't calmed down enough to say something that much sense can be made of. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. It would be helpful if you gave more time detail. You could also email to [email protected].BruceHansen

2010-12-20 19:39:10   PublicEnemyNumberOne—Your attitude and wording reminds me of a pissed-off little teenager. When you have issues with a company, there is usually a professional way to address those concerns. Threatening violence on the Wiki is not welcomed. If you have a concern Mr. Hansen is more then willing to assist you if you are willing to act in somewhat of an adult manner. —PeterBoulay

2012-01-08 14:49:28   Hi PENO, Just a reply to you on your comment to PeterBoulay... Everyone can edit the wiki and no one is paid to contribute. You can edit and contribute too. If you are in fact mentally unstable, I'm no doctor, but I would recommend getting some help. Happy Editing to you! :) —jsbmeb

2012-01-08 16:31:18   As you have decided to become an editor of the wiki, I would ask that you treat your fellow editors with respect, just as you do your fellow Davisites. Thank you. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2012-01-09 12:44:50   I didn't insult you—I made a simple observation. Based on your post to me, Therapy might be helpful for you. Good luck. —PeterBoulay