Where do I start? I'm Rachel Ottlinger owner of Davis Therapeutic Massage. I rent space at the Revive Massage center so I have been using my own name lately as my business name so clients won't get confused. I came to Davis from Vacaville and have been here now for about 17 years. I own 3 cats, a ball python and a bearded dragon. Well the reptiles are my 15 year old son's, but I love them just as much. :) I am a young mom, so if you see me, you'll probably think there's no way I have a 15 year old! My boyfriend and I (of 10 years!) met while we worked at University florists across from the Davis Funeral Chapel.

Twilight Walk for Wishes 2009

Join me in support for the Make a Wish Foundation of Sacramento and Northeastern California. I will be at the Twilight Walk for Wishes next Sunday May 17th and am trying to raise $100 by then! The Make a Wish Foundation helps grant wishes to children who have life threatening medical conditions. If you can't be there and would like to help please visit my donation page.

Every penny counts!

Relay for Life

Join me in the fight against cancer by making a donation in support of my efforts. The size of the bill doesn't matter, even $1 donations add up!


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2008-10-25 10:20:22   Hi Rachel, I saw you removed the personal comment for you that was left on Davis Therapeutic Massage so I thought I'd drop you a note saying hi and create a personal page where people can leave comments for you :) —ElleWeber

2009-04-13 11:37:05   Hi Rachel, I saw your comment indicating you were having troubles with your image sizing. I fixed the problem - to make images appear smaller, just add in "thumbail" to the code, like [[Image(Image.jpg, thumbnail, right)]]. You can make the thumbnail larger or smaller by adding in numbers, like [[Image(Image.jpg, thumbnail, 300, right)]]. Help with Images is good for stuff like this. Good luck! :) —ElleWeber

2010-08-13 11:50:18   Rachel, are you still having trouble with people picking up after their pets in your area? If so please let me know and I'll make sure that we take extra care when cleaning the grounds in your area. I know summer means our maintenance staff is stretched thin this summer, but we want to make sure our current resident's don't get neglected! —PinecrestManager