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Hi Randy, I removed part of your comment. Please don't use disparaging terms. Perhaps you can figure out another way to describe the employee. —DonShor

I too would like to see you describe your experiences with this shop without being insulting. In fact, the remark actually undermines the description of your experiences. I'd also point out that, while of course it is your choice where you like to shop, personally I would not let one employee prevent me from going to a business that I was otherwise happy with. You might also consider simply talking to the management about your experiences with this employee. —CovertProfessor

2010-10-26 15:37:48   Randy, thank you for your review and I apologize for your experience. I spoke to sales associate about the details of this transaction. He did follow the return policy which is posted very largely at the register. It states that any returns or exchanges must have the tags attached and be in new condition. The associate you spoke with noticed there were no tags and felt the pants may have been washed as they appeared to be faded and not crisp after he compared them to new ones. In this case, he felt the item could not be sold as new. He also noted that he spent awhile on your return because he was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt and take extra care in comparing items. However, I am willing to take a look at the item. I'm not sure of the best way to reach people on this site, but please bring them to GZ to my attention, ask for a manager, and they will discuss it with me. As for the return policy, vendor tags cannot be reproduced, as they come from the vendor and not us, and when items are returned without them they often cannot be sold as new. - Brendan


2010-10-26 17:09:51   Randy, if you do wish to comment back to me, I have changed my wiki name from Ground Zero to my real name to benefit the standards of the DavisWiki community. Please let me know, because I do feel I can help you out. —BrendanAMohr