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2010-10-18 19:13:54   Hey Reneng, Welcome to the Wiki! JoePomidor had nothing to do with your comments being removed. According to the Allegre Apartments page, they deleted it: "Major misunderstanding! Handled privately and comments were asked to be removed." —PeterBoulay

I asked the comments to get recovered if you can. There is no issue to handle privately with them. Indeed there is no major misunderstanding.

  • Reneng—please give me a chance to work on this. You may want to call the apartment manager and tell them you did not want the comments removed. —PeterBoulay

ok thanks, please take your time, I just want to say I do not want to call them. If I have to deal with them. Everything has to be in writting HERE. I think it's fair to show on the change option what comments they removed. I guess if they own Davis wiki, they can do whatever they want then. Again I havn't visted their office and I don't think any issue is handled privately. -Renneng

2010-10-18 20:02:03   I sincerely apologize for the confusion. There was a gentleman that Jaymes spoke at length with today who had nearly identical concerns as yourself. He came to the conclusion that his anger and frustration was hugely misdirected and that he wanted to make sure we (Allegre) should not be taking responsibility for what had happened.

As Peter even suggested, call us and ask us for explanations. What harm could it do? (530)750-2200 for the office. Our email is [email protected] if you want to email. To show you how dedicated and serious I am about solving this problem, I am even willing to give you my personal cell number and my personal email. The ball is in your court if you want to make something positive of this. —Richard Atherton —AllegreApartments

Hi, Richard, pleaes communicate here with me. As what one of the editor mentioned "You're doing a good job by responding to the comments, and I think it will show people that the management is responsive and tries very hard to fix problems, but deleting comments will only look bad and make people mistrust the management more —JoePomidor. " let me know if you have any question or comments. I am willing to modify some of my comments.-Renng

Renneng—you are using the Wiki for your own personal war with the complex and it's getting out of hand. They have given you multiple methods of contacting them. If you do not take advantage of the assistance they have offered, we can not allow the Wiki to be stuck in the middle of this. Please contact them off the Wiki by email or phone. Thank you. —PeterBoulay

First, please identify yourself. As what I said, leave comments on my personal page. Also I only use 1 user name and the other comments are not made by me or anyone I know if the username is not mine. SO "The comments for this entry overwhelmingly reflect a single or small minority of individuals. They are repeatedly posting comments that make similar points or are adding long essays that overwhelm the voice of others. Keep this in mind when reading the comments" on the Allegere apt page doesn't hold -If they are doing things right at the first point, I won't even bother to waste my time here. -Renng

  • Hey, Rene... it wasn't Peter that posted that "Overwhelmed" notice. It was me. Peter is, just like you and me, a volunteer editor here at the wiki, trying to help improve this shared community resource. I posted that because most of the content in the comments is back and forth between you and ... whoever it is that is responding (which stinks for you, because it's a slippery thing trying to deal with people who won't stand behind their words with their name). It's not to warn you off or anything, just to alert people who are scanning through the entry what they are reading. Peter is correct, in that these kinds of disputes are seldom settled on the wiki, but you're also right that can be useful to put things in the public eye. Best of luck. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, (814) 889-8845
  • Reneng—my comment is identified. Second—if the Reneng they mention is not you, then call them and correct it. You're making this a lot more difficult then it needs to be. —PeterBoulay

Sorry, please give me some time to handle. If you can give me your number or email to contact that will be helpful.-Renng

  • No Reneng—I am sorry but me giving you my personal information won't help. I am not involved with the apartment complex. Call them at 530)750-2200 or email them at [email protected] as their page states. —PeterBoulay

2010-10-18 22:45:23   Reneng, why not just go in to the office, talk to the management, and be done with it? It'll be much faster and give you far better results than this extended argument on the wiki. —TomGarberson

It's going to be a waste of time. I don't know if you have friends live there or not. If you read last year's archive comments about Allegre, you will understand. Ironically, they said most of comments happens before 08-09 transition while "most" of the comments seem to happen during the 08-09 year. -Reneng

  • Comments posted during '08-'09 do not necessarily mean the tenants lived on property during that year. A prime example being that tenants from '00-'01 left comments in '06 (I believe it was '06). Regardless, please call us. Cat does not work here, and Jaymes is very much in the office today, as well as myself. Come in and chat with us! —Richard (Allegre)

You are right, this is a very nice argument. Richard. But it is more likely those comments posted there reflected opinions from tenants who lived during that year? So can you tell me why there is a massive amount of heated comments during 08-09 transition. How long have Jaymes being a manager there? So you are saying Jon Barkeley management company (the previous allegre management) is the one who created all the issues? Thanks for explanations-Reneng.

I wouldn't know whether it'll be a waste of time, but do you really feel like you're getting anywhere by arguing on the Allegre wiki page? Leaving a negative review is one thing; an extended back-and-forth probably won't help you get anything done, though, and it doesn't really add anything for the wiki. —tg

  • Reneng you have made it quite clear you'd rather argue then man up and reach out to the Apartment complex to resolve the issue. You have gone from someone who appeared to possibly have valid issues to being a simple troll. I'm done with assisting you. I strongly recommend Reneng be banned if he decides to continue to use the Wiki as a battleground. —PeterBoulay

2010-10-19 10:42:53   I will be happy to speak with you about your problems with Allegre if you call the office at (530)750-2200. I'm in the office right now. -Jaymes (Allegre Management) —AllegreApartments

2011-02-16 12:38:26   Please stop messing with the Allegre page. Enough is enough. —TomGarberson

just want to let u know, I was a valid allegre apartment tenant. I lived there during 09-10. I think I should have the right to leave comments there. I was afraid to identify myself back that time because their manager just isn't a nice person. I am not going to waste any of my time to help them improve. When I have time I will post my old lease, their managment's mathematical mistakes on deposites, and all that if it's necessary.

Like every other editor on here, you're more than welcome to add things that improve the wiki. Leaving a comment explaining your experiences is great. Warning folks, commending service, or recommending a place is all well and good. Trying to turn a page about something in Davis into a page about your argument with management there is not. The concern during your dispute previously was that any time management posted something, you'd respond by trying to rip them apart. It changes the focus of the page and doesn't actually add any information, other than that you really don't like them. Your recent snippy comments have the same effect, albeit on a smaller scale. You ignored outreach and tried to use the wiki to fight your personal battles, at the expense of the wiki itself. Hence the reaction you're receiving. Not sure if you noticed, but someone actually proposed a ban at Reneng/Ban in light of your antagonism toward Allegre.

I'd also strongly recommend avoiding using the Wiki to fight your legal battles. Having friends "represent" you with vague legal implications is a pretty bad idea. If you're going to do so, though, make sure it doesn't go too far. You really don't want to get into the realm of unlicensed practice of law, which is a crime in California. The City of Davis has a mediation service that can help resolve landlord-tenant disputes, and there's always small claims, if you do believe you have a strong case. —TomGarberson

I am not having any friend to represent me. I am not from U.S. so my usage of english can be confusing sometimes sorry. Few months ago, when I left messages here, we were still aruguing with Allegre. They made so many mistakes on the contract and they even gave us legal threats. Therefore I left message here to warn other people but I was afraid to identify myself since their manager wasn't really nice. I apologize for that here. Since I am out of Davis, I feel pretty safe now.

Allegre made few things up and sent us a bill after we moved out. The manager talked in a very terrible attitude to us when we were talking to him. At the end we sent them back all the legal docs we had and we were ready to go to court with them. They finally gave us a refund of deposite wihout any apology. We had to call their headquarter and we even talked to the lawyer for gsa. They truly wasted us a lot of time. Check with Allegre to see if I am saying the truth. I still keep all copies of the documents. Again I apologize for being a troll here but the way Allegre treating students is just ridiculous. No respect and no mercy until you are ready to go to court with them. Now the case is over, I guess I can come to leave my experience? Good luck folks, I am pretty sure Allegere is going to have a lot of complaints in the future. Feel free to ban me or remove my comments.

Thanks for the added info! Like I said, information is good. Details are good, and this is a big help. Again, thanks. —tg

2011-02-17 12:09:40   Reneng—I'll be honest-I don't really care about your position anymore. Now you've changed your story to be that you are "representing" someone when it was originally about you yet your message on my page says it is your issue with them. Your story seems to be changing to fit your needs and it's too-little-too late for me. I really wish you would call them personally and leave the Wiki completely out of your gripe with them. I speak only for myself and have no affiliation with Allegre. Good luck. —PeterBoulay