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2009-02-19 23:06:14   Welcome to the Wiki. Please read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner; it will help explain how you can make the wiki a positive experience for you without clashing with established wiki social norms. Also please consider the importance of using your RealName. When creating a page for a business please use the provided template. —JasonAller

2009-02-20 01:32:20   damn, you beat me to the punch, I was gonna put up a photo of the outside and add some random info

I take it your open now? —StevenDaubert

2009-02-20 08:42:46   Hey Steven, we opened on 2/14. I'll try and take an outside shot and post it soon. Thanks! —RenewDenim

2009-11-04 12:57:10   Hi there. I like your shop! I wanted to let you know that the Events page is intended for community events and not business sales events, so your last entry was deleted. However...if the store were to have a band play outside one evening, or if 25% of one day's sales went toward a local nonprofit, for example, those would be appropriate. But clothing sales is not really a community event, even if wine is served. —robinlaughlin

2009-11-04 14:23:23   Hi Robin, Thanks- I didn't realize that there was a difference so thank you for the clarification. The sample sale is open to the community and we are serving complimentary wines from local winery Rominger West. It's a great way to get them downtown and introduce the community to them. I would think that wine tasting would be more of a community event? —RenewDenim

2010-02-12 06:18:00   So, other than one comment on The Posh Bagel page are you participating in the wiki? I've noticed that people who edit under the name of their business see the wiki as free web hosting for their business and not a community resource. How do you see the wiki? Do you have another account where you edit under your real name? Do you know that there has been a discussion about advertising and how much of it a business can do on the wiki? —JasonAller