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2010-06-08 23:23:11   Welcome to the Wiki. You've chosen an interesting handle, are you implying something about all of the other students in town? You might want to establish some identity to keep from being seen as a sockpuppet of the owners of the Boardwalk Apartments. —JasonAller

2010-06-08 23:26:55   It looks like someone deleted your comment while I was welcoming you. —JasonAller

2010-06-10 19:02:57   Establish some identity and you'll find that your comments will be vigorously defended. —JasonAller

2010-06-10 19:33:35   Your comment was deleted (not by me) because it was very general, from a very general username, and came right after some attempts by the management to delete information from the page. In other words, it looked suspicious, but coincidences do happen. I'd encourage you to add another comment, perhaps with more specifics so that it it more clearly comes from a genuine resident. As a professor, I can't also help but suggest, in the kindest way possible, that you proofread your comment. —CovertProfessor

2010-06-11 09:38:11   Hello, I deleted your comment because it seemed very suspicious. Deleting other users comments is frowned upon unless the comment is suspected to be non genuine. Your description of the apartment seems to just be a list of amenities, followed by a brief lecture about how to avoid cockroaches. This style of describing the apartment is more in line with a manager advertising, than a tenant reviewing. Furthermore, tenants are usually not aware of double insulation and energy efficient utilities. Those reasons combined with the recent attempts by the management to delete negative comments made your comment very suspicious. I have restored your comment in all of its glory. I think the comment, as it stands, does more damage to the apartment complex because it looks like the management is attempting to falsify positive reviews. —DagonJones