Yours truly Hi! I'm Rich Lindvall and our family moved to Corvallis in 1994. Before that we lived in Davis, California for seven years. And before that, we worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators for eight years, Rich in Colombia and Papua New Guinea and Kristy in Malaysia. Upon first arriving in Corvallis we rented a house on NW Alta Vista. A year later we were able to purchase some acreage near Wren with my folks. Here, our last two children were born—at home. Three of our children currently attend school in the Philomath School District. I've also driven schoolbus for Philomath (First Student) for three years. For several years I drove for Anthony's Airporter and currently for HUT Shuttle. We love it here in Oregon!

Over the years we've done a lot of reaching out to international students at OSU. Much of this was through programs of the English Language Institute and Crossroads. At times I've even met some of these students on my shuttle when they first arrived at PDX.

We currently attend Faith Christian Fellowship. It's really been a special place for us with many good friends who share our love for the Lord.

Kristy and I now have five children: Micah, Ruthie, Karis, Marnie, & Ellis. In 2007 Micah married Olisa and on August 3rd Caitlin Lilian was born! She's a sweetie!!! And what a smile! God is good--all the time! If you ever feel like a foreigner in the land, remember that we are not home yet! And we know the best is yet to come! Thank you, Jesus!

May the Lord bless you!

Rich (& for Kristy, Micah & Olisa (& Caitlin), Ruthie, Karis, Marnie & Ellis)

P.S. I also contribute to a few other wikis, including the Davis, Christian Music Central, santa cruz, Linn Benton Christian Home Education Wiki and Corvallis wikis, among others.

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Check out citywiki — that's where we're starting to build up a collection of pre-built pages. The idea behind that wiki is that it will serve as a template repository, though. It's just not there yet :) Please chip in where you can-! Also, there's a few things on gnome, too. For now, your best bet is to look at a wiki like Davis Wiki and copy where you see fit. —Users/PhilipNeustrom

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2007-09-25 06:10:28   I'm glad I could help out with your wiki. Admittedly, I was not homeschooled. However, I do have an interest in mathematics and science education and I hope that I can productively contribute in those areas. —WilliamLewis