Riot at Peace Rally in SF, 9-24-2005

Name: Riot, DJ Riot, RiotAAA, Riot in Davis, Davis Riot, M Riots, M Riot

Office: I didn't know I had an office. Does that mean I have to do paper work???

Personality: Third Person Mode:: Riot is a punk rocker in the lovely little city of Davis. He has been a DJ at KDVS 90.3FM since 2000 and a Davis resident since 2001. He is currently a co-host on the punk rock radio show Neonate (Fighting For A Future) (formerly Neonate (Under Distress)) with his good friend Punk Roge every other weekend.  Neonate (Fighting For A Future) on KDVS 90.3FM. Punk Roge has been playing Punk Rock on the radio forever and has many great stories about the punk rock history of Davis.  Riot is also doing his own show the Punk Playground every other Sunday 10pm to midnight on KDVS. KDVS definitely brings good things to life on the air.

Another good punk rock friend in Davis is Mick Mucus who is always a fantastic performer. Don't miss seeing him play in one of the many bands he's been in. Also, his KDVS radio show on Tuesday nights at 9pm is strange and wonderful so don't miss it!

I'm a former volunteer with the Davis Food Not Bombs and did 7 years of volunteer work with them. Check out the Food Not Bombs DavisWiki page to find out more.

How Riot Got His Name: People always ask me this. It all came about when I had this idea to create a line of clothing, boots, etc. which I named RiotMoshGear. You could use this gear in a mosh pit as well as in a riot. (I always loved the style of Mad Max and bondage gear) So, when I was coming up with an online name I came up with RiotMoshGuy which I shortened to RiotMG. Over the years I got tired of this name. I can go by RiotAAA (Riot Against All Authority), or my artistic name, M. Riot, although I usually go by Riot or DJ Riot.

Punk Activist: If you aren't working for a better tomorrow what the hell are you doing? Punk has always questioned authority and gotten into its face. Take a stand, make change. I believe my friend France Senecal would agree.

Zinester: Short run zines include Scarf This Material, Enlisted Void, and a sci-fi zine named BigFoot. I still have copies of Scarf This Material if you'd like a copy.

Poet: Been into free form poetry since I was very little. I like coming up with images in my head and putting them to paper once in awhile.

Here is Riot's Running Man:

Running man! Running man!

Run fast man!

Running man! Running man!

Faster than the shackles man!

Running man! Running man!

Why you running man?

Running man meet tripping man!

I'm tripping man! I'm tripping man!

I call that poetry in action! Davis seems like a good place for poetry. I'll have to post some more poetry in the future.

Artist: I've been into art since before I can remember. I love seeing other people's art and I love doing artwork. I don't think I'm that good because I don't have a lot of time for it these days but I do love doing art when I can find the time. Here is a link to computer artwork I did as a memorial for Brian Deneke (if you do not know who that is you better go look at his page because we can't lose more great people like that in this world): I did this back in 2000 as RiotMG I wish R. Crumb was still around this area. I love his artwork. To me art is a way to do something in a creative way which doesn't exist. It can have many different meanings but it is always something created from the artist. My favorite artist is H.R. Giger and I really love the dark artwork. Much of my artwork is very dark and strange. I agree with Giger that it is good to get the darkness out of your system by doing artwork instead of locking it inside. It can be very therapeutic.  I also very much love the work of Salvador Dali because it can make you think and surrealism as well as fantasy art are my favorite types of art.  My artwork can also be humorous because I enjoy doing things which make people chuckle. But I'd have to say most of my artwork is strange and dark. I like doing strange art because I find it more interesting. It doesn't always make sense but it can definitely make you think. I've more recently been interested in political artwork. I hope to pursue political artwork more when I have time.

Other Interests: British Comedy, Sci-Fi, Movies, Independent Movies, Comic Books (mainly collect independent artists work), Making fun of stupid things like bad movies and advertisers trying to sell you crap like "Look, you'll be loved by all if you buy this ridiculously priced exercise machine you'll never use! Only $49.95 (in 5 payments plus $39.95 s&h)! Buy in the next five minutes or forever be a loser damned to hell!" Hahahaha! Good stuff!


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