Rob Pedersen is a transfer student coming from UC Riverside. He is obviously one of the coolest people who ever has set foot on the UC Davis campus. A procrastinating history major, Rob rarely reads any assigned readings.

He has some major connections, however. With Stephanie Hammon as Rob's journalist friend who can help him out in a jam with her press pass, and Jesus as Rob's homeboy, there is no situation that either Stephanie or Rob cannot overcome!

Rob is a charter member of UC Riverside's chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, so it comes as no surprise that Rob graces UCD's Phi Alpha Delta chapter with his presence, along with Alvin Tsao.

One of Rob's greatest accomplishments so far in his first year at UC Davis is reading a pirate story on air at KDVS on Jenn de la Vega's radio show.

It is rumored that Kris Fricke seeks out Rob's expert advice when making very critical decisions regarding ASUCD Court proceedings.


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2005-06-04 13:19:15   Rob is the unofficial (I can try to make it official) Supreme Commander of Phi Alpha Delta. What this job entails no one knows, but like most important jobs when the time comes he'll know. Rob is a relatively new edition to our frat and I for one think he deserves all three awards he won at this year's spring banquet. Good guy despite being as pale as a vampire. —AlvinTsao