Welcome to the Davis Wiki. You are, unfortunately, off to a bad start as an editor. Please don't change comments by other people. It's unclear why you are choosing to denigrate Osteria Fasulo, but if you have an opinion about the restaurant your best bet is to leave a comment. It is easy, as you will see, to track edits. So other editors are likely to simply revert what you are doing. Perhaps you could introduce yourself and act a bit more aboveboard.

Your edits to Osteria Fasulo will simply be reverted, over and over, until you get the message. Stop. —DonShor

Wow, that's a lot of animosity toward OF. Why? -TomGarberson

Being angry and bordering on abusive isn't going to get you anywhere. Everyone here is an editor. If you disagree with someone's review, act like a respectful adult, make your own review and move on. I didn't and wouldn't tell you to 'eff off because I have no reason to. I don't talk to or treat anyone like that. —jsbmeb