Wow. This is a big empty box. Kind of intimidating isn't it? What to put in this big empty box? The possibilities are endless.

My dog is squeaking one of his toys behind me though and that is distracting my mind from its wealth of infinite possibility.

Anyways. I'm a second year Grad student at the moment who loves living in Davis and with my puppy dog Maverick. As far as DavisWiki is concerned that is pretty much it since I'm not particularly social when I don't need to be, and now would be one of those times. You see I'm not antisocial, I'm asocial. Nice distinction eh? Anyhoos I'm figuring this means there is not much point in me doing this either, but the big blank box is rather entertaining and, I must join every social network I possibility can. It's a compulsion. Not conflicting with me being asocial. Somehow.

But actually there can be a few uses I can put this to:

1) I kinda need an unofficial secretary from within my department (History) to make of list of things I need to know about for each month. I am bad at keeping in the down low (is that the expression?) and need someone to keep me in the loop. The reason I am out of the loop are apparently multiple; 1) most students get the info they need from casual chit chat I somehow am never present for and 2) I receive massive amounts of e-mail which I am too lazy to shift through and find the 1% relevant to me. So yeah. If anyone within the department is reading this and $15 a month (and we can negotiate on price) sounds nice to you, drop me an e-mail.

2) As a dog owner I'm always interested in meeting other dog people so we can all get together and do dog things (with our dogs, naturally).

But that's about it I'm afraid.