Who I am: I work as a hydrologist and moonlight as a Soil Scientist, Geology Program Manager, Air Quality Manager, and a Minerals Manager among other things. I live in the bustling burg or Orland CA with my cat, my husband and his two cats.

Why I am here (aside from keeping the gnomes busy): RyanMikulovsky and I were having what was labeled by our co-worker Erica as a Nerd-off. Highlights of the conversation included: my having had a vms account, still using a text based bbs Global Village and we both knew what IRC was. I have also used windows 3.1, and Pico editors. Some of this I probably shouldn't admit to. Erica determined that she was not nerdy enough to make a determination as to who was the geekier of us and declared it a draw in her slight southern drawl.

In reality Ryan worked with me summer of 2008 and used the wiki as a starting point for many a conversation and I thought I'd stop by. Of course the first thing I wanted to look up wasn't included here so I made the page for it and the rest is history.

My Tools: My photos come from my cell phone an LG something or other.


2008-08-05 19:48:13   Robin, great idea on starting the fire page! Thanks! I pulled down the cut and pasted Chico ER article for copyright reasons, but I started a quick summary page for the fire and made a footnote to the article. I also put the link more prominently on the Front Page for it. Thanks again!!! —StaceyEllis

2009-05-18 21:05:07   Yes, I saw that Sportiva on Mountain Sports last weekend. I was surprised that the guy there knew most requirements for fireboots. Did you pick up a pair of Sportivas? It certainly was a very heavy looking boot. I might go back this weekend to try it. —RyanMikulovsky

  • the sportiva felt like a ski boot. The heel was too wide for me too. I went with a new pair of Montrails. I haven't run into trouble with them on fires yet. RobinMowery

2009-09-01 21:32:27   Hi Robin, I'm the web designer for Ojiya Steakhouse... I was wondering if we could use your review and pictures for our website... they would be a great addition in our Reviews & Photos Sections... which currently either have not much or nothing at all!!! Our website is ojiyagourmet.com & we would give you full credit for what is used. Either way it's okay, if you could email me at [email protected] that would be great because I'm not sure I can receive messages on this thing haha... I don't have an account w/ Chico Wiki.

Thanks for your time!

-Will Langley —