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Hi RoseAnne! Is your Gluten/Dairy Free page about Gluten & Dairy Free food? Or is it just a business? It looks like you're creating a page for Natural Food Works which we already have. You can list places to find and buy Gluten/Dairy Free foods, but it shouldn't be a page for one place. But great idea for the additions to the Food page, you making those pages really adds to the wiki! Thank you!MichelleAccurso

Also, look into our style of markup at these pages: Help with Editing Help with Formatting Wiki Sandbox Help with Macros

Welcome to the wiki. Sorry to tramp through the first pages you created, I've tried to preserve the information you contributed while moving it around to match the existing layout a little better.JasonAller

2008-02-10 13:08:34   Hi RoseAnne, how goes NFW? —StevenDaubert

2008-12-14 18:35:19   Please don't completely blank a page. Perhaps reading Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner will put it in perspective. —StevenDaubert