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Hi Ross! It's good to see you make the transition to self serve! Say hello to the ball and chain for me

2010-06-21 22:50:38   Hi Ross, I have recently discovered Cultive and love the fact that you offer a delicious and healthy alternative to overly sweet and processed desserts. However, I must say that I am tremendously disappointed. Let me explain: Clearly, one of the main focuses you have is to provide alternatives to your customers that make us healthy and happy to buy your product. This is achieved not only in your overall mission statement but more markedly by the fact that you offer SO many choices! With six or seven different types of frozen yogurt and what seems to be dozens of topping choices (the fresh fruit being my favorite) the power of choice is a serious thing at Cultive. So what's my problem? At every location I have visited you only offer 1 lactose-free dessert option. This is crazy! I would honestly be visiting my local Davis Cultive four or five times a week if that meant I had the choice to pick between at least two different flavors but, I can't so I don't. Ross, come on...please change your stores to start offering at least two choices of your lactose-free desserts at the same time. We unfortunate souls unable to enjoy the goodness that is yogurt and ice cream and mmmm...cheese would thank you- And buy more of your product! —JessicaCorral