Ryan grew up in Chico. After attending Sierra View Elementary, Marigold Elementary, Bidwell Junior High, Chico Junior High, Chico High School and CSU Chico, he moved away to Los Angeles for a few years. He now resides in Chico (again) with his wife, Alicia.


2008-05-18 17:44:53   Hey Ryan! Welcome to the Wiki! My brother KC said he was going to tell you about this project, so I'm glad you decided to contribute. This is still a fairly young wiki, so it's nice to have another Chico kid helping out. I also see that you made a page about yourself over at Wiki Spot. They are the larger group of community wikis that Chico Wiki is a part of. If you want to move that info over to this page as well, then it'll link from your edits and Chico people will see it. You can also then link your name on the people page if you want. Thanks again for your contributions! Feel free to ask any questions ([email protected] or leave a comment on my user page), but it looks like you've been doing just fine so far. Cheers! —StaceyEllis

2008-05-19 08:38:25   Hey there, please remember to preview. Thanks for the contributions!! —RyanMikulovsky