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2007-07-19 18:46:33   Welcome to the Wiki. Please consider looking at both Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner and Reviews. —JasonAller

2007-07-19 22:57:30   Hi! I wanted to add to something to what Davidlm mentioned in his last message to you. As a loyal client, you would be one of the best people to expand on the services Spa Central offers (currently there are only a few pictures and not much more). Also, yes, there may be biting—if not vindictive—comments on many pages, but if I am like some other dwiki users, a few things about ElisaWeller's comment will stand out: first, it's very angry (and not just the "Oh, my soup was cold and the waiter forgot to refill my water" kind of angry). Second, she's a new user (blank User page). This combo would prompt me to check her other contributions where we find. . . well, there are no others. Just two attacks against one business. Granted, not everyone will check every dubious comment (though it only takes a few clicks to do), but some may. For the rest, a nice positive review would likely suffice. —KevinChin