Name: Duh.

Personality: Sandy is the roommate of CindySperry and is known for her mad soccer skillz, yo. Alas, she is off the soccer field for an undetermined amount of time while her supposed bone bruise heals. Note to self, next time knee hurts, go directly to Sutter. Do not pass Cowell, do not collect $200 in ill-conceived medical bills.

Sandy is loud, up-front, and incredibly honest. Do not mess with her unless you expect an entirely direct response.

Sandy has a horse (Rainman) and a cat (Fizz). Fizz is the orange queen you may see wandering around Pepperwood Apartments on any given weekday. Rainman is semi-adopted and lives at Chuck Weller's place.

Sandy is excellent at both making her friends a bit tipsy and leading them toward sobriety after the fact. She is quite adept at offering them water. She has a surreptitious domestic streak. Her pasta dishes are excellent.

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