Sarah is the former head of Campus Cinema and was a Chemistry major at UC Davis.

She and JabberWokky were co-owned by Little Girl and New Bean when they lived in Davis. They recently married. Sarah and Evan that is - not the mice.

They temporarily relocated to the land of interminable winters that is Pennsylvania in 2005, where she attended grad school and earned her doctorate in Chemistry in April of 2010.

She and JabberWokky currently reside in Music City, a.k.a. Nashville, Tennessee where she is a research associate at Vanderbilt.

Her current phone number is 814 404 0008. If anyone would like to speak with her, feel free.


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2007-04-05 09:30:07   Sweeeeet ... thanks for the info :) I get a discount through Budget, and we were gonna go with that, but if Penske's prices are competitive, we'll totally go with them. How do you like PA? And, did you have any trouble crossing the Rockies (with the altitude change)? I've heard horror stories ... —FredBarrett

2007-07-08 03:43:58   sarah, i appreciate your comments on the Wiki Community/Women page. thanks for taking the time to answer each question, and for including another one! i tried to integrate your question 4 into question 3 by making 3 more specific. chao. —JessicaRockwell

2008-01-10 13:14:57   "Shop smart! Shop S-Mart." Awesome. —MattJurach

2010-04-21 08:44:16   Congratulations! —JasonAller

2010-12-17 23:38:11   Haha thanks, he seems to like striking the odd noble pose. —JoePomidor