Describe Users/Scarlet here. hey I'm Scarlet, I'm 15. I was born in Australia, but moved to America when I was 16 months old. We lived in Davis, CA. My parents enrolled me at Pallen's Martial Arts when i was 3 years old and by the time we left the States in January 2001 I had achieved black belt as the youngest student to gain that level. (I was 7). In the States I had been attending Cesar Chaves, a Spanish immersion school. In New Zealand after a few years break, I began looking for another club to take up karate again. After trialing several different styles I settled on New Zealand Free Style Martial Arts. Because it was a new style i began again from white belt. Since then I have moved up through the ranks and am now a purple belt, hoping to grade for brown in May. I continued my Spanish through correspondence and achieved NCEA level 3 two years ago.

If anyone wishes to contact me, my email is [email protected]