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2009-03-26 16:30:14   Hi Scott, welcome aboard! You're one of our first unsolicited contributors, so it's great to see what you're doing. You seem to be picking up the markup pretty comfortably —if you run into any problems or have any questions, feel free to leave a message on my user page, or drop me an email— you'll see my email address on my page. And if you like, you could replace the dashes, above, with your address (or if you'd rather, just remove the line).

Cheers! —Mwanner

2009-03-27 08:45:09   That is very interesting about your great grandfather. As it happens, I live on French Hill, on Charles Street, and the name James McClelland turned up in our title search when we bought the house, but I hadn't noticed the parallel James and McClelland streets. You might want to check out the Northern New York Library Network website, where you can search archives of newspapers going back to the early 1800s in some cases. Unfortunately, Saranac Lake's local papers only go back to 1948, but many of the papers of the surrounding area did substantial regional coverage.

There is, by the way, a single, tantalizing reference to a Jim McClelland in Donaldson's History of the Adirondacks— "The annual autumn donation party for the minister always took place at Martin's and people came from all the surrounding settlements, even as far away as Keene, to attend the function. Jim McClelland always brewed one of his famous oyster stews and Bill provided the means of eating it and a dance to help digest it." (A History of the Adirondacks).

I have turned "James McClelland" into a link on the French Hill page— feel free to add whatever you have on him there. —Mwanner

2009-03-28 08:08:47   Nice work! Thirteen children, eh? Do you know enough about any of them to do at least seed articles on them? And that's a great photo of Mary E. Wise. Any idea where it was taken?

A "title search" is a requirement, in the States anyway, when you buy a property— it is a matter of checking all of the deeds recording the sales of the property back as far as records allow. Ours starts out "Being lot number 14 in section B as represented on a map of the James McClelland Farm, 1901...". Which means, I guess, that McClelland's purchase from Smith predates the town's records. I should see what I can find out about that.

And yes, the Northern NY newspapers resource is great— a bit slow, and it locks up from time to time, but still an incredible source. You might also be interested in a couple of the listings in Books and Other Resources— the Frederick J. Seaver and Alfred L Donaldson works are on line— the links are in the pages for the books. —Mwanner

2009-03-29 08:02:04   No, that was the only McClelland stone we found, though we'd been wandering the cemetery quite a while when we found it. I'll go back again at some point and search more in that area. To tell the truth, I hadn't even noticed Mary E. Wise's name beneath James' until looking at it this morning.

Incidentally, there is a rather gruesome story in Seaver's history of Harrietstown that appears to involve one of your folk— look at the last paragraph here. It's unclear whether Fred died of his wounds— the fact that only one death is mentioned suggests that he survived. —Mwanner

2009-03-30 12:59:35   Hi, Scott. I just happened to notice you deleting the Agnes Rosamond McClelland article. Just in case you were doing this in order to change the article's title, let me mention that there is a rename function. What's particularly good about it is that images move to the new article name. Otherwise (as you may have noticed) the images have to be uploaded again (an annoying feature of our software). —Mwanner

2009-04-01 07:33:48   It's great seeing your work come in. If we had a few more editors like you, we'd really be getting somewhere. Cheers! —Mwanner

2009-04-02 07:28:51   No, no overstepping at all. And if you can get down here, you should check out the Adirondack Research Room in the Saranac Lake Free Library— it has incredible resources for local history. —Mwanner

2009-05-27 09:52:49   Hi Scott. Nice work on the Allen Mooney story, and I see you've found some more info on Fred McClelland. I moved the murder story from Fred's article to your Mooney piece, since it's primarily about Mooney. I've come across a few references to Fred in later years— little social notes of the "Fred McClelland family receives visitors from..." sort of thing, nothing usable per se, but making it clear that he had a much less eventful life in later years!

I have looked haphazardly for more of your family's headstones in Pine Ridge without success, but I have hopes of getting my hands on a database and map of the whole cemetery, so I should be able to find them eventually. —Mwanner

2010-10-21 15:15:57   Scott, would you be interested in hearing about what is currently going on at the modern Trudeau Institute? I thought you might have an interest since you have your roots in this area. The website is and I can mail you a copy of our current Annual Report if you are interested.

Sharon Elrod, Institutional Advancement, Trudeau Institute —