Shauna with a chicken on Picnic Day 2006 Shauna is a UC Davis graduate with a B.S in Environmental Toxicology. She takes pride in being one of the first members of daviscoeds (RIP), and remains good friends with it's creator ScottBiggart.

In late 2007, her past Picnic Day adventures were featured on a bottle of Jone's Sugar Free Root Beer.

Shauna now lives in La Jolla and is an environmental consultant specializing in storm water pollution prevention. She works with various cities and private developers within San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties to help encourage Low Impact Development principles and keep waterways and the ocean safe for people and wildlife now and in the future.

Shauna will always look back on her time at Davis fondly, and hopes that others will enjoy Davis just as much as she did with the help of sites like this.

Activities Shauna recommends in Davis:

Singing karaoke at G street pub

And if you want to get out of town, try:


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Cool list of plants in the Arboretum Plant Families entry! I made the titles headers and added a table of contents, but I'm not 100% sure I did the outline properly. Can you double check it? It would be neat to link the names to the plants that are listed in Town Flora.jw

2008-07-10 14:54:19   Hottie McVespa... —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-04-02 18:36:20   Shauna: I represent some UCD students who are in litigation with Fountain Circle. I would appreciate your contacting me to discuss your experience there. Please call my office. 530-889-0304 —JohnH