Just Got into UCD last year, which means that I'm gonna be a sophmore next year

have been an atheist for all my life. In fact, the more I study religion, the more I don't believe in them. Especially NOT Christianity, 'cause DUH, that's the one I studied the most and have the most opportunity to study

I am a Chinese immigrant and is bilingual and billiteral, and is currently studying UC Davis Japanese Program

I started out as a Linguistics major but is currently changing my major to Psychology.

I really wish to make friends who share my belief, 'cause now all around me who are trying to be friends with me are Christians. Don't worry, I'm strong with my belief. I suffer yes, but I'm strong. Though I do belief I suffer this way unnecessarily

Now, my personal Atheistic quotes: " I can easily find a character on TV who is a gazillion times more worthy for me to worship than Jesus Christ"

" Albus Camus' The Myth of Sysphus is my bible, it told a gazillion more truths than the Holy Bible"


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2006-08-08 23:48:16   Check out AGASA if you are interested. We're going to show Dawkins' The Root of All Evil soon. —KarlMogel

2006-08-09 00:27:02   Delightful —SteveOstrowski