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2007-08-13 13:30:24   Howdy, Mr. Man. Welcome to the Wiki... you might seriously want to consider the importance of using your RealName here on the wiki, so we can get to know you (yes, my wife calls me "JabberWokky", but my business card reads Evan Edwards). The "What I Wish I knew" document you uploaded is fantastic! Did you write it yourself? I'd like to import it into the page itself, but I wanted to make sure you understood that contributions to the Wiki have to be from the author (or you otherwise have the Copyrights necessary to release it). It's a great document, and thanks for the contribution. Please let me know. And seriously consider using your name... otherwise it'll be odd meeting you at a Wiki gathering and asking "Shall I call you Mr. Man or just Slut?". —JabberWokky

2007-08-13 17:49:08   Awesome guide! I second the hope that you'll use a real name :) —PhilipNeustrom