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Conversations that I like

From Mason to Brian

2009-05-12 15:46:54   I could use your help with something. As you're going to be on the wiki @ some point to check on your pages. I'm currently trying to work on woodland's wiki and could use all kinds of help. I know you go to school out there and I need lot's of pictures of notable buildings, businesses and any information you could add to the wiki (Phone numbers, hours of operation, etc.) Thanks in advance! —MasonMurray

2009-05-12 16:08:47   I think I should also make it clear that I have no problems with you. None at all, even considering your previous behavior on the wiki. My work is not my primary concern here. I get paid every week on Friday, $9 an hour regardless. The wiki is an invaluable community resource which I regularly use for a myriad of reasons and I feel it is my duty to respect everyone who writes anything on it equally. There are those that contribute more or more regularly and their words are given more weight, but the wiki is nothing if not a massive collection of edits collected over the years. —MasonMurray


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2009-05-07 23:02:41   Welcome to the Wiki. Please consider the importance of using your RealName, because using your real name is a way to acknowledge that this is a community. If you don't want to use your real name at least introduce yourself. In answer to your question though, you can see the entire history of a page by using the Info icon in the light blue bar (e.g. —JasonAller

2009-05-13 06:45:13   His removal of comments is anti-social, but that doesn't excuse your behavior. —JasonAller