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You can call me Len if "Starfarmer" is too much for you. Sometimes it's too much for me.

I got involved in connected computing in 1990 as a member of The WELL. Since our system ran on PicoSpan software—written by Marcus Watts of A2's NETI—I also spent a little time on grex. The WELL remained my true home, however, and although I don't participate there much at all these days (since it was "acquired" by Salon Media) I still have an account. The point of all of this is that for me computing has always been about community. I set up my first WAN in 1991 and built my first web page in 1993. Throughout the 90s and into the early new century I built and maintained several large websites dealing with non-profits, community building and the arts. By 2003, however, commercialism and central control figured out they'd been left behind and came back with a vengeance, doing everything possible to choke the chaos out of the web. Around that time the tech started flying over my head as well. I also got very sick. Thank god for U of M.

So these days I live on the east side of A2, off Huron Parkway near the river. I am medically retired and sometimes get quite bored. I spent much of my life making a living from my writing and editing, and I have a tendency to write neutral-viewpoint articles (a la Wikipedia). I do, however, strongly believe in the value of first-person knowledge and experience (curated anarchy!) So if the edits I make here annoy you a little, just change them. If they annoy you a lot, tell me, and maybe we can come to an accord!