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Steffi Christiana

A beautiful view of the bay

Steffi Christiana has been a Davis resident since autumn of 2004. She is studying at the University of California, Davis, to attain her bachelors degree in Political Science. She is also minoring in Music, and is very dedicated to the arts, as is evidenced by her treble clef tattoo. She enjoys playing music, linedancing at the Grad, making the occasional trip to Napa, dining out, and generally being social.

She is originally from the rural ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes, where she cross-country skied, played tennis, acted in various theatrical productions, and participated in an uncountable number of hours of community service. Since moving to Davis, her participation in activities has waned, but she has grown more confident in herself, and isn't that what going to college is all about?

You can learn more about Steffi by seeing her Myspace page, checking out her Liquid Hotplates Profile, or emailing her [email protected]

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2007-02-05 22:02:47   what do you mean your participation has waned... you have like a list of shit right there! —KirstenHaney

2008-01-30 19:40:07   I missed your passion party! def thought it was on Saturday, not Friday. Also, you should make some reptile wiki pages. —JillWeinstein