Steph Polizzi thinks she is a particularly interesting person, but is sure you'd much rather see pictures of her super cute and destructive bunnies than hear about her. She is a UCD alum from the class of 2006, having graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Italian.

Oh, and she has 2 level 60s on WoW's Cenarion Circle server, alliance side, named Sesilia and Lullabelle. Ya know, FYI.

And now, onto the bunnies.

Pierre, a 2 year old male English Spot. Born in a petstore in LA, he was a gift from Stephanie's very irresponsible younger sister. He currently rules the roost, trying to further his mission to steal all the pizza and cookies in the world.

Siena, a one year old American Sable mix born in the great wilds of Woodland and rescued by the Sacramento House Rabbit Society when a family caught her and was going to eat her. She's still bitter about the whole thing.

Hanatarou, a Himilayan mix who is almost 5 months old. He is Siena's bonded mate. His hobbies include climbing all over the couches and trying to stick his head under Siena's stomach.