Graduated from UC Davis in June 2010 with degrees in history and political science. What now?

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2007-08-13 11:24:38   Hey... great updates to the Kappa Alpha Theta entry! —JabberWokky

2007-08-13 12:03:08   Nice to finally see you on the Wiki. How much has Marcus told you since he and I met last week? —MaxMikalonis

2007-08-14 13:35:47   The two highlights which we are starting to organize now is 1.) 9/26 (Last Day before classes) there is another Democratic Debate, and we want to DVR it, see if we can have a BBQ at the Colleges, and then watch the Debate afterwards, and 2.) 10/10 We are trying to get Lois Wolk to come in and speak about her work in the Capitol, past history in Davis, and goals with the 5th SD.

I already have a rough plan of mtgs/events for all of Fall Quarter, and it should be completely shaped up by start-mid September. I'm excited, cuz its going to be a great year. —MaxMikalonis

2009-05-24 11:01:11   lol are you serious? Which ones have you actually used? Dude, I have a zillion opinions on food places in Davis I don't even post! —AlvinTsao

2009-06-14 01:36:58   I'm so proud of you, how many times have you been? —AlvinTsao

2009-09-25 18:41:30   I had Clarke for 101 during SS2, and she truly amazing. I have never gotten so much out of a class in my life. It also looks like we're both in 123 w/Kono. I have a couple other friends in that class, so we need to study together and set the curve. Hope everything's going well with you. -M.

2010-02-17 12:17:15   haha I didn't get your comment until now Max! I don't check very often, sorry... But yeah, I didn't really enjoy her class at all. Most of the students needed a lot of help with writing, so I think she had to make the class easier so they could catch up. I'm glad it worked for you though - it was what made me decide NOT to go to law school! haha —StephanieRobinson