This is your Davis Wiki user page, which is typically used as a place to post information about yourself. I created this user page for you so that others can leave notes about your edits and discuss things with you. Because you're a public official, you also have a biographical page (Stephen Souza, with a space) and it's expected that other people will control the content of that biographical page. Feel free to remove this message once you've read it!PhilipNeustrom


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2008-03-09 12:40:49   Howdy, Steven... you can just use the "thumbnail" feature rather than resizing the images. That allows nice small images on the page that people can click on, and also allows for captions. For more help, read the Help with Images entry. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-03-09 12:44:20   Evan, Thanks! —StephenSouza