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2010-09-21 11:39:52   Hi! My name's Evan. I'd like to talk to you about the Theta Xi entry. Why did you remove the comments? I restored them, as I believe they have value, something it seems a number of people feel as well. There is a discussion that was started at ["Theta Xi/Talk"], but nobody who has deleted the comments seems to be speaking up. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, (814) 889-8845

2010-09-21 16:56:31   As a community owned site, not an individual or organizational site, it is poor taste to just remove, edit or otherwise alter comments left by users or the entries themselves in a harmful way. We all like to work together, though at times it can be an admittedly difficult process, to resolve issues that appear from time to time. Outside of the removal of comments in general no one from Theta Xi has tried to communicate thus far with the community on this matter (which can be done on the aforementioned link provided by Jabberwokky. We do offer this open invitation to do so and to come to a resolution on this matter one way or the other. What is your side of the story? What is Theta Xi doing in response to the issues presented in the comments? How is Theta Xi working to resolve any future conflicts like those presented or to prevent them? These are all topics up for discussion and I am sure many others would be interested in discussing them as well.

As a fraternity in the UC Davis system, and as members of the Davis community, I am sure the organization that is Theta Xi would be more than happy to to do whatever necessary to assure the community that they are indeed operating on good faith and not just trying to hide conflicts from the community they are active in. —Wes-P

2010-09-21 19:08:05   Stephen-My name is Pete. This is the 2nd time you've deleted other people's comments. Deletion of other people's comments is really uncool and pretty rude. Instead of trying to hide other people's statements and make people think there is some truth to the concerns, how about manning up and discussing them to put them to rest? Please consider the idea. —PeterBoulay

2010-09-21 19:28:44   Where are you demanding that the Aggie retract their article on the conference debacle? If you're not doing that, why are you here defacing the wiki for your imagined benefit? —WilliamLewis

2010-09-28 01:11:49   I deleted the comments for several reasons. The first and possibly the simplest being that I thought it was unfair that we were the only IFC fraternity that had an area to comment on our organization. I was later informed about others that had comments on their pages. The second and most important reason why I deleted the comments was due to specific comments on the page that slander my organization without any evidence to support them; specifically the comments that mention any form of criminal activity. These are serious allegations and should not be treated lightly. They are unchecked statement that exhibit all the elements of libel. These allegations not only slander our name in the community and attempt to defame the organization, but it also appears that their intent is to spread unfounded and terrible lies. I'm not concerned with the comments about the concert, the first article from the aggie may have been rushed and didn't have the whole story, but later articles showed that we had no control over ticket sales on the internet and we were only contracted as a venue. If people want to do their research they will discover that we have had many concerts before and after the incident and that every concert we that we have hosted we have done to raise money and awareness for charities. Perhaps my organization should do a better job at highlighting the fact that we donate all of the profits from our annual concerts to both local and national charities.

Hopefully this clarifies any issues you all may have with my actions in deleting the comments. I insist that you allow me to take down the comments that have no evidence to support them. If these comments remain on my page, then I see no solution in preventing daviswiki from turning into gossip site.


2010-09-28 08:19:34   Hey Stephen, I copied your comment over to the ["Theta Xi/Talk"] page. —TomGarberson