Steve is the founder and editor of Wis.Community, owns a local web development and hosting company, and is a long-time political blogger. Additionally Steve is on the  steering committee of the Citizen Action Western Wisconsin Organizing Co-op, is on the board at Menomonie Market Food Co-op, and is the Vice President of the Dunn County chapter of the Wisconsin Farmer's Union.  In his spare time he makes wine, beer, and music. He is a recovering UNIX systems administrator and has been employed in various portions of the IT industry in the past, and is currently trying to find a path to retirement.






3/3/18 Hi Steve! Thanks so much for your contributions to the wiki. Much of our information so far has been gathered by students so may or may not be accurate. Please feel free to add information about background and/or business if you like, including links. I think the idea is to support local businesses but not make everything simply an advert. -Innisfree

Well - my first user page was deleted as spam because it linked to, apparently.  So - I'm not at all sure what the rules are here.

Hi Steve, that was me... Sorry about that, but we get quite a bit of spam in the main space, and when your very first edit seemed to be all about directing folks to what seems to be a for-profit page, it had every appearance of being spam.  Welcome to LocalWiki  -- Marc