PFC. Steven Strider Bishop. U.S. ARMY. lived in Davis for 13 years when he joined the Army in 2007. He joined as an Infantryman and was sent to the front line within 5 months of joining the Army. He was deployed to IRAQ and fought against the uprising in Spring 2008. He was deployed to the southern end of Baghdad near Sadr City. For Actions in Iraq PFC. Steven Strider Bishop. U.S. ARMY. Was awarded Combat Infantryman’s Badge (For Engaging in Direct Fire against the enemy and attempting to close in and destroy) Army Commendation Medal (For his Service in Combat operations)

"From Iraq with Love. Respect Me Hippie for I am the reason you can be free."

Aren't you about to go into the air farce? or at least Uncle Sams Misguided Children? —StevenDaubert

On a random note, Mr. Bishop has been known to own a rabbit or two.


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Howdy, Steven... you might want to add anybody else you know from Davis to the veterans entry. You might also want to update the wars entry with some info about the local Davis impact of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. —gnomeEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards