SummerSong's Family Crest

Name: Summer Song, aka Summy, Kitty, KitKat, SumSum, Alfred, and Twinny

I was one of the four marvelous residents of The Bakery. The Bakery was the very best place in Davis, despite the occasional Mullberry squashing incident in the backyard. I no longer live in Davis 'cause I've graduated. Now I live in Berkeley. Berkeley needs a wiki!

I was an English major. Books are cool.

25th Birthday at Sophia's

I love my womb-mate and my womb-mate loves me.

I have a wombat. Wombats are stinky—but in a good way.

I was the Treasurer of AGASA. Yay, atheists!

I knit. My Panda likes to knit, too. Please don't ask us to knit you socks.

I love Poot—but, then, who doesn't?


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Summer purrs when I pet her hair. That's why I love her. :)wombie

2005-03-21 15:15:33   my darling kitticaticus - together we will not let the bastards grind us down —MiriamKaufman

2005-03-22 16:33:31   LOL Summer puts up with a lot. :) —MariaMaria

2005-03-22 22:49:17   didn't you make me that drink at that darwin's bday party? —MarieHuynh

2005-03-24 09:52:20   she probably did...especially if you cant remember... —MiriamKaufman

2005-03-26 12:53:34   Thanks for the backup. hahaha. —GeorgeLewis

2005-03-26 13:43:12   I did make you a drink, Marie! Did you like it? :) George, no problem. I don't particularly like S, but he's allowed to be here, too. —SummerSong

2005-04-06 13:57:59   Yay wombats! (I prefer James on In A Fix) —JabberWokky

2005-04-06 15:56:37   I dont like James...hes such an obnoxious Aussie...I prefer me —MiriamKaufman

2005-04-06 16:12:02   I prefer you, too. Even though you're smelly. :P —SummerSong

2005-05-25 09:27:03   Hey! I didn't get to test out my mojito recipe last night. No rum!!! Had to make do with a mahgarita instead. As soon as I scrounge enough for a bottle of rum though... —AlphaDog

2005-05-26 23:24:19   Mmmmmmojiiiitos! I *still* haven't gotten my mojito! No dinero para la rum-ba. Good to know about the syrup though... not fond of syrupy drinks much. Have another for me!! It's nothin' but tequila for me right now, but mmmmm *love* my patron! —AlphaDog

2005-06-02 14:52:48   he is really short...duh, he's Irish —MiriamKaufman

2005-06-02 14:54:02   Hes not shorter than me though...thats just cause i was standing closer to the camera —MiriamKaufman

2005-06-14 22:53:05   Yo, I thought I'd comment on your page instead of the I Love Davis page. The Wooz was this little like theme park in Vacaville. It had this awful maze, but also go-karts and maybe an arcade... I was really young so I don't remember, but someone else might know. Basically it was one of the few fun thing in Vacaville to do and it got torn down. Sort of like The Nut Tree with it's train and candy shop, just a nice fun family-friendly place to go on the weekends. —MichelleAccurso

2005-06-14 22:58:25   I have a journal of such things as well. A big 8x10 black book that I got at a bookstore for 4$ and it has 300+ pages... Oh, how some people don't know how to appreciate the greatest joys in life.... empty hard bound books. —MichaelGiardina

2005-06-15 22:36:17   EH? Is that like a shaved cat? lol. How did we somehow bring porn into a discussion of puss... oh, I get it. —MichaelGiardina

2005-06-17 18:04:26   Do you know there is a song called "Summer Song" ??? By Blue County. Check it out. —GeorgeLewis

2005-06-27 14:05:12   Good Afternoon! You're probably at work so you'll get this in the next couple hours. Just dropping by and saying hello. Also, those cookies were excellent in vanilla ice cream. I think they were more round chocolate-chip brownies than cookies, but they were still good. —MichelleAccurso

2005-06-27 14:22:55   Ha ha, five minutes, nice. Cool I will stop by sometime, we'll bake and bake. Woohoo. —MichelleAccurso

2005-06-28 13:50:11   Summer sure seems to know a lot about DavisMiriamKaufman

2005-06-28 13:50:49   :P —SummerSong

2005-06-28 16:59:20   What a wonderful 500th edit you just made. —MiriamKaufman

2005-07-01 00:01:56   Hola! I just added some info to the privet page and realized that the berry pics you posted aren't privet berries! Take a look around and see if those berries might be from a different tree. For some reason, I'm thinking they could be ollalie berries. Privet berries are dark, ovoid, and hard... just a single drupe instead of a berry cluster like in your pic. Sorry about that! The other two pics are def privet, though. —AlphaDog

2005-07-01 00:08:40   Ooh! Maybe they're unripe mulberries... mulberries grow on trees versus vines, so it's possible there's a mulberry tree right next to the privet. —AlphaDog

2005-07-13 13:04:39   Braveheart! I have to admit that I take chances eating stuff I probably shouldn't. ; -) Maybe you could ask your neighbor to prune their trees so they don't drop squishies in your yard... either that or ask your landlord. Squishies... reminds me of Eraserhead. —AlphaDog

2005-07-13 15:11:45   I would put your question from the featured page to either Phil's profile, or the Donate page. Or on Arlen's page, just to bug him. —MichelleAccurso

2005-07-18 16:59:49   pootie would have liked you to bring her home a mouse —MiriamKaufman

2005-07-29 17:45:53   thank you for being the first to welcome me to wiki— I feel the love already. —MelanieMadden

2005-08-01 12:47:54   Happy Birthday Summer Bummer Wummer!!!!!!!!!!!! —MiriamKaufman

2005-08-15 19:40:26   No sign of Alex, I'm sorry to say. —BlancheNonken

2005-08-24 14:13:20   why thank you, oh the wonders of constantly reverting a page back to life —MichelleAccurso

2005-08-24 16:40:14   go ahead and delete the easter egg page once you're seen my RSS "explanation" —ArlenAbraham

2005-08-24 22:46:42   Hey, I don't need it. It's already built by some other guys. I was just going to put some logos on it to intimidate the Aggie. :) —BrentLaabs

2005-08-26 15:55:59   i think SS is way too vauge of a redirect for one person to have. —ArlenAbraham

2005-08-28 21:05:32   omg summer you're such a rabble rouser —MiriamKaufman

2005-08-28 23:34:00   Oh my god, Wombat, you're such a.... Wombat. I MISS YOU! —SummerSong

2005-08-30 17:09:12   I'ma have to try your ghetto mojito!! Did you post it on the mojito page? You should!! —AlphaDog

2005-08-31 08:47:32   I must hand my staff to you... you are the Wiki-jito Queen! —AlphaDog

2005-09-15 19:03:15   OMG, I *so* need a ghetto-jito and I honestly haven't had time to have any kindojito this summer. Once school starts though.... ; -) —AlphaDog

2005-10-21 23:29:22   Nah, I don't think I'll make a Mount Rushmore for the club officers - that one was for ridiculing IDists... I could do a different image, perhaps roman columns with philospher statues and our heads on them? —KarlMogel

2005-11-10 09:10:55   Morning Ms Summer! I've been a bit slow this year... perhaps it *is* simply a matter of insufficient alcohol! I did get to toss a few mojitos this summer but never got around to the Ghettojito before the weather turned all cold and miserable. I *much* prefer Summer!! ; -D With the hollydays approaching, any suggestions on what we should be drinking during the cold months? Mulled wine is always kinda nice and easy to make in the microwave... or maybe warm screwdrivers [there's a dirty joke in there somewhere!]. —AlphaDog

2005-11-29 17:26:18   Hey! Where do you find all these strange fruits?? [Heh, Billie Holiday just came to mind, though that prob belongs on Race & Ethnicity] Anyway, looks like Edwin answered your question way before I ever even saw it! —AlphaDog

2007-02-24 13:50:57   There was a BerkeleyWiki, and I suspect that soon there will be one again. —JasonAller