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2007-06-30 16:16:06   Welcome to the wiki. —JasonAller

2008-06-29 17:58:47   Please read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner; it will help explain how you can make the wiki a positive experience for you without clashing with established wiki social norms. —JasonAller

2008-06-29 18:07:00   Tammy, you do not get to dictate what is on the Davis Swim & Fitness page. Please stop removing negative comments. —AllisonEriksen

2008-06-29 18:19:21   I know that negative commentary is hard to see when it is about one's own business, but the idea of the wiki is for discussion. By keeping alll comments on the page, people will be able to come to a decision based on the feedback left by other customers. This means that it is very important that reviews are kept intact, even though they may not say exactly what we hope they do. —JoePomidor

2008-07-01 08:53:24   My kids are growing up to be fine individuals. You don't have to be worried about them. Be more worried about your gym. Steve and you were good to me? In your world maybe. It was a bunch of empty promises and all of the responsibility to run a huge portion of the gym was on me while you were absentee. You are not competent as a manager. Also, I don't appreciate you writing about how I was asked to leave (aka fired) on this DavisWiki. That is against the law to make public. Really? yes really. If you were even close to competent you would know this. Freedom of speech is beautiful, and I have every right to say whatever the hell I want about your sorry gym. Good Day —CaseyAronson

2008-09-21 17:24:14   Tammy, do you live in Davis? I am guessing not, because you certainly do not fit in, and do not represent the desires of our community. So many customers, coworkers and employees could not ALL be so wrong. Maybe instead of being defensive you should try to implement some change? Admitting your faults and changing them might save your business, but denial and blaming others will continue to hurt you. I mean, seriously, HOW have you stayed on payroll for so long? I think that you might fit in much better in southern California - much more your "style". —MeatMan