AKA, Tanya Lawrence, CMT.


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2010-02-28 20:01:43   Hi Tanya! I am writing to you because I noticed that you created four pages all with the same content on them. That would be very confusing for people trying to learn about your business, and isn't the way that things are usually done around here. So, one of the other editors deleted the new pages that you had created. I wanted to let you know so that you weren't wondering where they'd gone. I also wanted to ask you what the name of your business is. Is it All About Massage? Or is it Massage with Tanya? If it is one of those, then we could create what is called a "redirect" so that if someone went to (for example) All About Massage, then they would be automatically taken to Tanya Lawrence, CMT. The redirect is a way of having a page named more than one thing, but without having the same content repeated over and over. It would only make sense to have one redirect, though — as I suggested, a redirect with the name of your business.

I also wanted to mention that this page is your "user page." One of its purposes is so that you can tell the Davis community about yourself (if you want to — or not, the choice is up to you). The other purpose of a user page is so that other editors have a way to communicate with you, as I am doing now. Generally, these are different than a business page.

I hope this helps explain things a bit. —CovertProfessor

2010-03-09 15:51:05   Thank you covertprofessor, this is what I was trying to figure out, I would like to set up a redirect on the titles page from All About Massage. How would I do that? —TanyaLawrence

2010-03-10 23:33:50   Ok, I have set up the redirect for you by putting the words: #redirect Tanya Lawrence, CMT as the only line for the All About Massage page. But taking a closer look at your page, I am confused. Your own business page at http://www.davis-massage-therapy.com/ doesn't use the name "All About Massage." So, is that the name of your business or not? —CovertProfessor

CovertProfessor- I am in transition with my business at the moment. I have been working under the name of another business for about a year and now I am branching off on my own and All About Massage is one name that I may go with, the other is Serenity Massage. Once I am settled on a name I will make that clear in my advertising. If you want to put in a vote I am open to suggestions :-) Thank you for your assistance. Tanya

2010-03-23 12:42:01   Seems to me that it's fine to leave it as "All About Massage" for now, and if you change it to "Serenity Massage" later we can just delete that redirect and create a new one. —CovertProfessor