This is Teddy in front of Wellman Hall Teddy looking like Satan while drumming in Boss the Big Bit Describe TeddyBriggs here:

Major Dude!

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2004-11-22 19:45:52   I like playing music with Teddy in the basement. - JenndelaVega

2004-11-23 15:46:15   Teddy smokes cigarettes like a bonafide rock star. - RobRoy

2004-11-23 21:37:55   i used to live with teddy. he's a great roommate. - RishiTrivedi

2004-12-04 22:16:18   Sometimes Teddy freestyles. He can do it for a really long time. Its usually pretty good too. - MikeyBurke

2005-06-06 19:19:29   Teddy Briggs is my hero. <3 —EmilyTung

2005-06-16 19:47:09   Teddy came through my line today and gave me his member number which brought up the first name on the account, Andrew Bell. And I thought "Is that Teddy Briggs?" So I punched in the number after he left and brought up the second name and sure enough, it was the lovely Teddy who had just bought breakfast from me. —MichelleAccurso

2005-07-02 13:17:12   Call in to KDVS (754-KDVS) and request Chief Briggum- it rules! —BrendanBoyle