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2009-03-31 18:41:55   Welcome to the Wiki. Please consider the importance of using your RealName. Another way to look at it is if you can't answer the question "what are your five favorite things in Davis?" because of the name you are posting under... maybe you need to change your name. Also please read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner; it will help explain how you can make the wiki a positive experience for you without clashing with established wiki social norms. —JasonAller

2009-04-30 19:03:06   If you don't want to use your real name at least introduce yourself. This is a community. —JasonAller

2010-02-24 19:02:52   Please close this account and edit under your real name. Instructions on how to do so are on the Importance of using your RealName page. Organizational accounts pose several problems, but the core issue is that they detract from a sense of community when one or more people use the name of an organization. This leads to a sense of faceless, impersonal action rather than the actions and statements of a member of the community. As a member of the Davis community, your contributions are very much appreciated, but it would be better if you make them using your name rather then the name of your organization. If you haven't read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner, and Wiki Community/For Profit Restrictions please do so. —JasonAller

2010-02-25 14:23:16   Please don't delete the contributions of other people within the community. I readded the sections you deleted. It isn't your sole property, the entry is owned by the community, which includes — but is not limited to — you. Whoever you are. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, (814) 889-8845

2010-04-28 17:21:17   I would concur wholeheartedly with the previous statements —StevenDaubert